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November 2021 Side Hustle Report – $3,872.32

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Welcome to another edition of the Financial Tutor side hustle report. Each month, I document exactly what I was able to earn from using different gig economy and sharing economy apps. I started tracking this info over three years ago and I find it incredible how much I’ve been able to earn from these different apps over the years. Hopefully, you find this info helpful too.

In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at what I was able to earn from these apps in November 2021. Below is what I made from each app last month.

Side Hustle Income for November 2021

  • Wag: $0

  • Sharegrid (Camera Rental): $0

  • Sportsbetting Arbitrage: $250.38

  • Crypto Interest: $298.15

  • House Hack: $411.79

  • Airbnb/Rental Income: $2,912.00

Total Side Hustle Income for November 2021 = $3,872.32

November was a solid month on the side hustle front. I ended up earning a little over $3,800 from all of my different gig economy apps. Not bad at all, especially considering that my earnings typically drop in the winter when the weather gets worse.

The bulk of my earnings for the month came from Airbnb, sports arbitrage betting, and crypto interest.

Below is a more in-depth look at my earnings with each gig economy app.

Wag Income: $0

The first half of November often tends to be slow for dogsitting and walking, but as you can imagine, it gets really busy around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I was out of town the week of Thanksgiving and wasn't able to capitalize on any of the Thanksgiving dog walks.

Sharegrid (Camera Rental): $0

I have my GoPro 7 hero, GoPro Fusion, and DJI Mavic 2 drone for rent on Sharegrid website. Sharegrid is a website where people local can rent camera equipment. I unfortunately didn't have any request for this month.

Sportsbetting Arbitrage: $250.38

November mark the first full month of sportsbetting arbitrage. I really ramped up my bets and did $100-1,000 per leg bets. Since there's two legs in a bet for the arbitrage, I was betting $200 to $2000 in total.

This month was a learning experience, with learning what amounts I could be up to on the apps and depending what the bet was for (i.e., money line, spread, player points, etc.). Since I wasn't aware that apps would limit my bets, I actually had three losing days of -$175.64, -$105.68, and -$68.66. Remember this is suppose to be a "risk free" way of betting since you are taking both sides of a bet and profiting the difference.

Luckily I was able to make the November profitable, even with the three days of losses. I am hopeful to see how December will pan out since I learned a lot of valuable lessons.

Crypto Interest: $298.15

I use Voyager and BlockFi to earn crypto interest each month. I use Voyager for BTC, USDC, and ADA and Block for ETH and USDC. In November I sold about a quarter of BTC in my Voyager account. So compared to October, I earned less BTC, but earned more interest in USDC. I also bought about $3,000 worth of ADA in Voyager, which explains the big increase in ADA earnings compared to last month.

In total for November, I earned the following from BlockFi; $43.16 in USDC and .00426672 in ETH (about $19.76 USD when ETH was at $4,631 at the end of November).

With Voyager I earned $119.49 in USDC, .001908 in BTC (about $108.77 USD when BTC was at $57,005 at the end of November), and 4.3 ADA (about $6.98 USD when ADA was at $1.55 at the end of November).

House Hack Income: $411.79

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I bought a three-flat in Chicago in June 2019. I lived in the building while doing the renovations and moved out in June of this year. I rent the bottom garden unit for $1,000, plus $100 for the two car garage. The top unit rents for $2,325 per month. So in total I'm collecting $3,425 per month in rents. While I still have the middle apartment open for Airbnb, which is discussed below.

My monthly mortgage payment with insurance and property taxes was $3,013.21. There were no repairs in November, which meant I earned a total of $411.79 for the month of September.

Airbnb/Rental Income Income: $2,811.00

In September, four college guests moved into my Airbnb for a three-month internship near the apartment. So far everything has been running very smoothly, especially for this month. I haven't had any issues or any message from the guests.

So far, I'm very happy with moving the airbnb to a medium term rental. With medium term (2 weeks to a few months), seems to be the sweet spot of less headaches with Airbnb turnover, while still receiving a good amount of income. If I were to do the traditional long term rental, I would most likely only receive about $1,650 or so a month.

In total, I was booked for all 30 days in November and collected $2,811.

And that concludes the November 2021 Side Hustle Report.

November was a solid side hustle month. I’m always glad when I break $3,000 worth of side hustle earnings during winter months. For the year, I’ve earned over $16,000 from these different apps. When you combine that with the income from this blog, I’m doing well – not swimming in cash, but good enough for what I need. And I get the benefit of controlling my time.

If you want to see what I’ve made in previous months, check out my past side hustle reports.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you can earn more money using the gig economy, check out side hustle review page.Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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