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September 2021 Side Hustle Report – $3,370.06

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Another month is in the books, so now’s a good time to check out another side hustle report. In this side hustle report, we’ll be taking a look at what I was able to earn in September 2021.

For new readers, each month, I document exactly what I made from side hustling using gig economy and sharing economy apps. I’ve been doing this for years, so there’s a whole archive detailing all of my side hustle exploits (you can check out my side hustle reports here). The money has added up too – I’ve made over $120,000 from all my years of consistent side hustling. And I’ve had some fun along the way too!

With that said, let’s take a look at the side hustle/gig economy income I was able to earn in September 2021:

Side Hustle Income for September 2021:

  • Wag: $0

  • Crypto Interest: $51.02

  • Sharegrid (Camera Rental): $55.25

  • House Hack: $411.79

  • Airbnb/Rental Income: $2,852.00

Total Side Hustle Income for September 2021 = $3,370.06

September was a busy month, with the most travel I’ve done in over a year. I had one weekend where I flew home to see my parents. Usually, traveling means I’m going to make less side hustle money, but I was able to earn side hustle income even while I was traveling by taking advantage of a few apps. I’ll get into more detail about these side hustle sources later in this post. Here’s a detailed look at my side hustle earnings for last month.

Wag Income: $0

In September, I didn't end up walking any dogs, but I'm hoping to in the near future.

Crypto Interest: $51.02

Towards the end of September I started a new crypto platform called Voyager. The main reason I switched was for the slightly higher BTC yields, but mostly because I wanted to invest into ADA. Since Voyager pays out a 4.5% rate for ADA, while BlockFi doesn't provide any returns for ADA.

In total for September, I earned the following from BlockFi; $4.49 in USDC, .00482709 in ETH (about $14.49 USD when ETH was at $3,002 at the end of September), and .00058911 in BTC (about $25.80 USD when BTC was at $43,790 at the end of September).

For Voyager the earnings are pretty low since the crypto was only in my account for a few days to earn interest. In total for September I earned $1.29 in USDC and .000113 in BTC (about $4.95 USD when BTC was at $43,790 at the end of September).

Sharegrid (Camera Rental): $55.25

Usually I do almost all of my camera rentals in the summer months. There was one person that requested to rent my DJI Mavic 2 drone for $65. After Sharegrid's service fee of ($9.75) I was able to profit $55.25 from the rental. In total the rental took me about an hour or so to message the renter, make sure the drone was working properly and meet up with the renter. I usually have the person renting my cameras/drones meet a block or so where I live, so this is an extremely passive source of income. The tough part is just getting enough request for the rentals.

House Hack Income: $411.79

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I bought a three-flat in Chicago in June 2019. I lived in the building while doing the renovations and moved out in June of this year. I rent the bottom garden unit for $1,000, plus $100 for the two car garage. The top unit rents for $2,325 per month. So in total I'm collecting $3,425 per month in rents. While I still have the middle apartment open for Airbnb, which is discussed below.

My monthly mortgage payment with insurance and property taxes was $3,013.21. There were no repairs in September, which meant I earned a total of $411.79 for the month of September.

Airbnb/Rental Income Income: $2,852.00

September 3rd, marked the first day the long-term Airbnb guest were planning to stay in my apartment. In total there were four guests that were here for an internship and planning on staying until early December.

I'm a fan of the medium to long term stays on airbnb (stays for a week to several months), since you don't have to worry about managing cleaners and being able to fill the Airbnb listing. In theory, it should be less headaches with the guests and regular maintenance.

In total, I was booked for 28 days in September. I collected $2,852 from Airbnb, which includes a $65 cleaning fee. I'm curious how the long term Airbnb stays will work out.

And that concludes the September 2021 Side Hustle Report.

September worked out well for me on the side hustle income front. Even though I was traveling for about 1/4 of the month, I still managed to earn almost $3,400 from my various side hustles. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but depending on your situation, this can be a huge amount of money to make on the side.

Thanks for reading. If you want to see what I’ve made in previous months, check out my past side hustle reports.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you can earn more money using the gig economy, check out side hustle review page.

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