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Acorns Aggressive Portfolio Review & Returns After 1 Year

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How much money have I made in the past year of investing with Acorns on the aggressive setting with only $25 every single week? The results may surprise you.

Before we talk about how much profit and dividends I made for the last year on Acorns. Let's take a look at the portfolio setting. I did aggressive for the last year, but there's five different settings you could for your investments all the way from conservative, which is comprised of all bonds and you can get more risky as you go on to moderately conservative, which incorporates a little bit more stocks. As you get more risky, it's more stocks and less bonds. Like I said, for the last year is what I did, which has zero bonds.

So if you're curious to see how much I made, I don't want waste any more time.

I invested only $25 every single week. In total it ended up amounting to $1,562. This is the amount of money I made in two years span. I profited almost $300 last year, which is pretty incredible because with only 25 bucks every week for a year, that's a lot of money.

Of course, the markets really helped me out this year. I started investing way back in early February of 2020, and we had a huge market crash back in March of 2020. And it's been a crazy bull run basically ever since. So it's no surprise that I had a crazy return this year, but 23.5% return is pretty unreal.

You could actually see the breakdown of what it is. So, like I said, we're on the aggressive setting and you can see the different dollar amount right here with the large company, medium company stocks, small company, and international stocks. You could also switch it over to percentage. So the percent breakdown and then also the shares. And I think it's actually pretty interesting here that it's almost $1,600, but I still don't have a full share of the medium company stocks. And also the small company stocks while I do have almost two and a half large company stocks and almost seven international.

One thing I want you to know is the reoccurring payments. So a lot of people think that even something as small as anywhere from a $5 to $20, even $25 is not that much money and it's really not the end of the day, but it can really add up to be a lot of money after invested in incurring interest and dividends over years and years. So for example, if I only invest $25 every single week, when I'm 66, that could potentially be $223,000.

And that's crazy to think about at that point, I would only invest about $53,000 of my own money, but the return would be $169,000 potentially. Which is crazy to think about. And you could also mess around with the settings in Acorns to see what would be maybe if I retired at 61 instead, how would that affect how much I'm going to have maybe if I retired at 70 and it's also really cool, you could adjust this. So maybe I don't want to invest $25 a month, maybe only seven. You could see what it is. And also you could go on the flip side, increase to as much as you want, and it's cool just playing around with it. And it actually gets you really excited about investing, at least in my opinion.

So now we know how much we profited over the last year. Now let's take a look at dividends, how much we received. It says $21 for dividends, but that's incorporating the other eight months I had besides the full year that I just invested in. So I would say about dividends would be about 60% of that $21 dollars that I received. And then also you're going to see here. And I know I'm going to get some questions on this, but it's basically that Acorns has partnerships with other businesses. And if you make purchases off of the Acorns app, you'll get a small cash back percentage and you can use that on top of your credit card cash back. So why not get additional cash back and get that money invested?

There's quite a bit of different ways to earn money. As of right now, like I had a couple chips with my friends and I booked that on Airbnb. And then I just got additional cash back from just booking it through Acorns.

So in total for the last year of investing on the Acorns app on the aggressive setting, I profited almost $300 with only investing $25 every single week. And I'm also a huge fan of this app and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who's interested.

If you are thinking about signing up, please use this link

If you prefer to watch the review in video format, please click the video below!

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