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Buying YouTube Subscribers from Fiverr. Do or Don’t?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

It is no secret the value influencing holds. YouTubers are enjoying attractive revenue from the platform through collaborations with brands or income from viewers watching the ads on their YouTube videos.

However, not everyone can put up advertisements on their videos and earn from them. To do so, the content creator has to enter into a partnership program with YouTube to have their channel monetized.

For one’s video to be monetized, YouTube usually requires a certain amount views and subscribers that make the channel worthy of the partnership. Most influencers agree that the journey to monetization is not an easy one. It takes so long to gain subscribers and reach the number of views worthy of a YouTube partnership.

In this article, we will review a video by “Kevin – Financial Tutor” that proposes a way to fasten the journey to monetization.

Kevin’s Attempt to Hit Monetization Target from Bought Subscribers.

In the video, Kevin carries out an experiment that involves buying YouTube subscribers from Fiverr. The test channel, “Shark Tank Reviews,” only has 11 subscribers, 6 videos and the highest number of views is 151. The experiment aims to grow the channel to at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

Searching “YouTube Subscribers” on Fiverr brings a ton of recommended services to use. Kevin decided to start with a cheaper option and assess the result before going for the much pricier services.

The First Option

The first option costs 11 dollars. After a few weeks, Kevin goes and checks the analytics of the test channel since buying this service. In one day, the channel gained 107 subscribers. However, on the next day, 86 people unsubscribed from the channel. The channel again saw a loss of more subscribers the following day. In total, the service had only increased the “Shark Tank Reviews” subscriber count by six. As for the number of views and watch time, there was no significant change from before buying the service. Conclusively, the first attempt to buy subscribers from Fiverr for 11 dollars was a failure.

The Second Option

Not giving up, Kevin decided to purchase another YouTube subscriber service on Fiverr. While the second option was also significantly cheap, it had better reviews than the first one. However, the outcome was almost the same. There was a gain of subscribers in one day, and a loss of all of the gained ones on the succeeding days.

The Third Option

Finally letting go of the cheap options, Kevin decided it was time to go all in. His third option costs $231. The analytics reveal that there was a huge gain in subscribers after the purchase. Unlike the first two options, the subscribers in this round stay. Moreover, the watch time and the number of views also increase.

The third service enabled the test channel to reach 1,000 subscribers and the watch hours were also nearing 4,000. However, things take a turn when out of nowhere, Kevin receives an email stating that his purchase has been cancelled and the seller was no longer active on Fiverr. Luckily, Kevin is promised a full refund for the cancelled order.

At this point, “Shark Tank Reviews” is very close to monetization. The subscriber target is achieved and the watch time target is only 165 hours away. Giving up this close to success is not an option. Kevin decides to go ahead and purchase a fourth service.

The Fourth Option

The fourth option manages to achieve the watch time and subscribers needed for monetization. However, Kevin is worried about the crazily high average watch time per video he has. The watch time of a typical YouTube video is between a minute to 5 minutes. However, Kevin’s videos on the test channel had several hours of watch time. Nonetheless, Kevin goes ahead to apply for the YouTube partnership hoping for the best.

A few days later, Kevin received an email from YouTube accepting his application. Of course, he went ahead and put ads on all the videos on the channel as now it was monetized. Kevin started earning from his YouTube videos on the channel.


Kevin concluded the video by giving his opinion on whether he would recommend buying YouTube subscribers from Fiverr. His answer is a no for those who have long-term goals for their channels. YouTube can identify the faulty number and penalize the channel. If the content creator wants to avoid this risk, then sticking to the right way of growing the channel is recommended.

On the other hand, creators who are solely on YouTube for the ad revenue can go ahead and do it. Kevin’s experiment reveals that it is possible and with the right service the numbers will grow. It is down to the creator to decide their goal for the channel and the risk they are willing to take.

If you prefer to watch the review in video format, please click the video below!

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