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Couch Flipping Side Hustle Review

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Couch Flipping has grown to be one of the best side hustles that can earn you thousands of dollars each month.

In today’s podcast, Kevin-financial tutor, interviews Mikhalxl, an expert in couch flipping, and together they tell you how much you could make with this side hustle. They also tell you what is needed for a start.

Mikhalxl has been in this business for less than a year, and he reveals how profitable it has turned out to be. He says he had never tried it until turning to YouTube and realized that this could earn him more than he expected.

He chose couch flipping because it pays more than any other side hustles. He had seen others do it and make up to $8,000 dollars a month and decided to try it. This hustle was the most spontaneous side hustle he had ever tried.

For one to start, you will only need a truck to transfer the furniture and a vacuum cleaner to clean the couches that may be dirty. You will also need to have patience because the market has become competitive.

You can start by seeing if you can find free coaches in your area or see if you can buy regular sofas for about $30 to $40 dollars and later any furniture that you will find profitable.

Mikhalxl charges free delivery for a distance of 20 minutes-drive and less when there is another load he is carrying back, and when the sale, he is making a large sale up to $900 bucks.

Couch flipping can earn up to $20,000 dollars profit if you are fully dedicated to doing this kind of job, but if it is a part-time job, you will make up to $8,000 dollars a profit.

A couch flipping task could take an average time of 2- 3 hours a day. Couches might be absent in the market sometimes but could at times be flooded. It would help if you did not quit because of the competition. You need to have resilience and dedicate your time to see the money.

Mikhalxl’s advice is that you keep trying, keep learning, and seek advice from other experienced people in the industry. If this will not work for you, then find a suitable side hustle that will be helpful.

This hustle is recommended for people who are willing to take risks. If you are ready to lose up to $500 dollars, you can go for it. You have to risk something to realize the win the risk.

Follow Mikhalxl on his YouTube channel and Instagram for more information on couch flipping.

If you would prefer to see the the full interview in a video format, please watch the video below.

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