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Freelance Makeup Artist - Side Hustle Review

You are someone, who knows how to create different makeup looks from natural looks to party looks. You know different makeup brands and colors that would suit different skin tones. You take pride in transforming your friends to look like a fashionista. Then use these skills to earn extra money as a side-gig.


Beauty industry is a growing industry and currently it is worth over $400 billion, many self – made makeup artist had created an empire in this industry.

Want to do Bridal makeup! Party! Fantasy! Natural! And many more…

You can reach the top, with your dedication, talent and business skills, and earn enough money to make this your full-time career.

As a side hustle for earning extra income in the weekends or during your free times you can earn on hourly basis with little qualifications.

The average rate can range from $40 to $250 for a makeup look and on the basis of your skill you can even charge more.

If you can charge $50 per makeup look and, in a week, you have 3 clients, then you can earn $150 per week and $600 per month.


  • Location –Studying how much your competitors are charging is a very important, you will know how much to charge for a specific look and what your customers are expecting.

  • Target Customer – Know your customer – what kind of look they prefer; do they want basic service or luxury service. You need to make sure you have the talent and skills to prove the price point.

  • Skills –if you are someone who is very skilled and have a cutting-edge portfolio and qualification then you can charge higher side of hourly rate. If, you are someone who is just starting out that you consider giving discounts to your customers

  • Nature of Service – Your charge for a service will depend on the nature of service you are providing. Before fixing the rate consider the time required and product you will be using.

  • Niche - Focusing on a niche can really help separate yourself from the competition and make it easier to get referrals. For example, your niche could be bridal party make up, little girls, or makeup for girls going to prom.


1. Your brand identity – People need to know you because a good identity sells your service effortlessly. Once your customer knows what they can expect form you then it is easier for you to approach your customers. Create a portfolio online or through your customer – so that clients know that you charge for a excellent service.

2. Skill and qualifications – You do not need a very expensive collage degree, but you will have to show to your clients that you have the skills and qualification, so that thwy can trust you with the service.

3. The makeup kit - you will have to invest in good quality makeup product and build your makeup kit. Do take time to research as this is the most important thing of your business. Do not use products that may cause any problems to your clients.

4. Marketing setup – people need to know what you are offering and what your skills are. You need to set up a marketing strategy, so that they will know how to approach you. Set up an online presence by having a profile in Instagram or website or a youtube channel. This will help you to stay connected with your target audience.


Starting your makeup artist business as a side hustle has endless opportunities, when you are not in a position to leave your day job – you can start this as a side hustle but once are confident and has a solid client base you can launch a full-time career out of this gig. The scope of this gig will increase, when your experience increases and your brand known to many people.

Start fulling your creative aspirations, once you are established in this field you will be able to become your own boss and master of your own schedule.

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