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Get Paid to Read Books - Side Hustle Review

Are you a book obsessed person! Do you always search for new topics to read! Then this side hustle is invented specially for you. This side hustle can make you some extra cash and you can do this at your own convenience and from a place of your choice. Sounds interesting – right!

So, what you can expect?

There are different types of jobs related to book reading like – reading the book out loud, editing the books you have read or writing reviews of books that you have read.

Today we are going to discuss about the last option – i.e., getting paid to read books and writing reviews about the books you have read in various website.

This kind of side hustle is prefect – as you can keep your day job and earn extra cash by indulging in your hobby.

Right now, you’re probably thinking: how do you start earning by writing a book review? Do you need to hold a specific degree or earn a particular certification? Do you even need training for it?

Well to be a book reviewer, you do not need a sophisticated degree or any professional training. But as the job demands you need to be an avid reader and someone who loves to discuss about the book you have read. If you have this quality – then you are most likely to qualify to become a book reviewer.

What is expected from you?

As pointed out earlier you need to be someone who can read the book and understand the message the book is trying to communicate. You will also need to be able to express your views about the book perfectly and be a decent writer. Various editorial staff has introduced guidelines for writing reviews – you will need to be able to follow those guidelines of the editorial staff.

Since editors are always busy, they will appreciate book reviewers who can create concise, on-point, and objective perspectives towards the book. While writing your reviews make sure not to give out spoilers or discuss the plot twists.

So, that it is easier for people to hire you, make sure that you have a sample book reviews, resume or CV. If you have stored all your reviews in a website or blog link, then it would come very useful when you’re hunting for book review gigs. Some companies require one or all of these, so it’s best to have them digitally stored when you apply. If you want to specialize in this niche, it’s best to place all your book reviews in one place so that publishers and authors can easily see if you’re a good fit for them.

Now the most important thing – How much do book reviewers make?

Well, there in no constant rate for writing book reviews – you can earn free books, amazon vouchers and even as high as $200 per book review. The pay depends on the website or publications for whom you chose to work. To earn more you need to establish yourself as a credible book reviewer. While some websites pay on review basis but there are publications which pay a book reviewer on hourly rate basis.

Your earnings if you review books online for the websites -

Average rate for a book review is $50 and say you write 2 reviews per week, then your monthly earnings shall be $400 per month.

Your earnings if you review books for publications offline–

Average salary for a beginner is $14/hour, then you will earn $3,360 per month and $39,630 per year for writing reviews.

Where to find book reading gigs online—

This is the list of some places where you will get paid to write reviews but you will need to apply for the gig and if selected, they will pay based on your review:





The websites where you will not get paid to write a review but you will get free books in exchange for a review -

Here’s where to get free books.






If you have knack for earning extra cash, then this is an extremely rewarding side gig for a book lover. You will gain so much knowledge by reading varied types of books and your writing skills will also improve. In the beginning, you might need to wait to get selected – but have patience all good things take time.

Yes, with this side hustle you will not become financially independent entirely but remember this “A Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.”

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