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Grocery Store Delivery Services - Side Hustle Review

You are looking for a side hustle that pay you more? But you want to have flexible timing so that you can work other jobs or follow your passion. Then you can try be-coming independent contractor for some grocery store delivery services.

This side hustle will not be able to be preformed from comfort of your home, but luckily, doesn't require separate skills nor a sophisticate collage degree to start earning money.

What will you have to do to start this side hustle

  • Your age - To be able to be a delivery partner, many company require you to be minimum of 18 years, but to deliver alcohol, you will have to be at least 21 years as per the rules of state you reside.

  • Pass a background check - Many companies will do a background check, this is fairly simple but you will have to wait some time for the results.

  • Be able to lift heavy items- You will require to deliver grocery and grocery will be heavy. People will buy things in bulk, so you need to prepare yourselves to be able to lift heavy items.

  • Have a smartphone - You need to have smart phone that supports the app of these companies. With the App, you will know where to deliver, what items to purchase and communicate with the customer.

  • Have a checking or savings account – Many companies pay directly to your account rather than any third-party account like Paypal, so having a bank account will help to receive payment easily.

  • Vehicle for delivering – You will need car for delivering in far location and if you are delivering near by locations then may be a bike at least.

Companies to register to become independent delivery partner:

Now a days there are a lot of companies with which you can register as independent delivery partner:

  • Instacart

  • Doordash

  • Postmates

  • Uber Grocery

How Much you will earn by delivering groceries?

Payment by these companies varies from area to area but on an average, you can earn at least $5 per delivery and $7 for each full service (i.e., shop and deliver). The payment is made for a given batch or orders. Your earning on every delivery will be depending on the type of items, number of items, driving distance etc. Apart from delivery charges paid by the company you can also earn tips paid by the customers which is may be less or more depending on the customer you are delivering.

You can on an average earn $20- $25 per hour, so if you are delivering on only weekend for 8 hours, then you can earn up to $640 per month ($20 X 8 hours X 4 Weekends). This amount seems lucrative for a side hustle but if you are using your car for delivering then you will have to consider your gas charges.


Delivering grocery, it may seem that you can substitute your full-time income with the earnings you receive by delivering groceries, but you will have to keep in mind that this will require more physical strength because you will be carrying heavy objects and it will require more time. But if you have free time and do not mind carrying heavy objects this is a very lucrative side hustle.

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