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How to Make Money by Just Walking (Sweat Coin App review)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Can you make money just from walking? Is the Sweat coin app a scam or great way to make side money?

To get started, all you have to do is download the Sweat coin app, and then you will use it to track the number of steps you make. Keep in mind that you get a portion of a sweat coin for every step you make.

One sweat coin is equivalent to 1,000 steps. Different daily limits will determine the number of coins you will earn depending on the type of subscription you have.

The app has two subscriptions; one is free and pays only up to a thousand steps a day. The other one is the premium subscription which earns up to $5 monthly or $25 annually. It also doubles sweat coins for every step after the free subscription.

How to earn sweat coins

One way is by using the boost option, which will increase the amount of Sweatcoins you earn in 20 minutes. The other way is by inviting friends and getting five coins each time, you do so. Go to the daily bonus by watching ads to win up to 1,000 coins.

How to redeem sweat coins

You can make the sweat coins useful by redeeming them for prizes. Some of the top prizes include $500 and $1,000 gift cards, racing bikes, high end workout equipment, etc. However, this purchase could be disappointing since the value comparison to dollars is small.

The travel and event option is another way you could spend your coins; this way, you put the coins into what you consider passionate. It also has a disadvantage since it does not show the value compared to dollars.

The last option to spend your coins is by auctions; you get can potentially win gift cards using 17,000 to 23,000 coins. The only disadvantage is that this will take years before you save up to this number of coins.

After 6 months using the Sweat coin app for six months now, I ended up deleting the app. It can take several years in order to have enough Sweat coins in order to get a prize that is worth wild. Finally, the app severally drained my battery every day, even when I wasn't using the app. I found myself charging my phone during the late afternoon.

If you prefer to watch the review in video format, please click the video below!

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