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Roobet Crash Strategy Review: Testing Four "Profitable" Strategies

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Gameplay crashes have blown up in popularity ever since “Steve Will Do It” posted some insane winnings on YouTube of him winning over tens of thousands of dollars on this game. Some people have described the gambling website Roobet as one of the easiest ways to make money, but also one of the easiest and fastest ways to lose all your money.

In this review, we’ll be utilizing four different strategies taught throughout Youtube, as guaranteed ways to make money and beat the game crash. We’re going to be putting all those strategies to the test.

The crash is a super simple game. All you do is place your bet and how much of a multiplier; that is how much money you want to make, before the game starts. Once the game starts, you can have it automatically cash out or cash out manually.

The longer you wait, the higher the more money you make. However, as you wait longer you run a higher risk of losing.

Easy Sign up on

  • Go to This is where the gameplay crash is on. You will need a VPN if you live in the US.

  • Creating an account takes only 20 seconds. It asks for a birthday, but it doesn’t verify it at all.

  • It doesn’t take the US currency or any other fiat. You have to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like ethereum. I purchased $400 worth of bitcoin to transfer over to Roobet, to start gambling with crash.

  • Then, transfer the bitcoins to Roobet.

Use promo "FinTut22" for new or existing accounts to receive more rewards and free RooWards boost to level 1 or use the link

I transferred the bitcoins and started with a balance of $386 because of fees. Let’s look at the results of the four strategies:

First Strategy

The first strategy is about placing a low bet and choosing a medium multiplier. For the first bet, I used $2 and planned to cash out at a four-time multiplier. You can cash out beforehand if you think the rocket is going to explode beforehand. I let it ride up to a four-time multiplier and the first one was successful. I placed the next bet in and it crashed.

I increased my bet to a $4 with a four-time multiplier and kept at it. It only lasted about 15 or 16 minutes before I was out of my $100. It was time to move on to the next strategy.

Second Strategy

On the second strategy, I increased the bet amount to about $10. Then, use the auto cash-out option. I set the multiplier low to about 1.19. The balance was $217 at the start. One hour later, the total was $323. The highest balance I got was $340.

Having started out at $298, the balance was up by about $27; which was pretty good. I let it continue playing out. Two hours later, the balance was up by about $29. However, I had some pretty big swings. I got all the way up to $360 and all the way down to $260 twice. It’s a lot like playing blackjack; you could be really hot for a while and you could go really cold.

Having the 1.19 multiplier. It meant I had to win six games to offset or be profitable from the losses. Overall, this strategy is a lot better than the first one.

Third Strategy

It's also called the Martingale strategy. If you watch any of those YouTube tutorials on how to cheat the game crash or how to win automatically, they always say this strategy is the best.

Well, how does this strategy work? You have your initial bet, if you lose, you double it. If you keep on losing you keep on doubling that bet until you win. Then you go back to your initial bet. For example, if you start out with $1 and lose, you double it to $2. If you lose the $2 bet, you go to $4. Then, if you lose that one too, you go to $8. If you win the $8 bet, you reduce the bet back to $1.

I started the first bet at $1 and had the cash out automatically set at a 2.15 multiplier. The starting total balance for this was $331. At $8 bet, the earning total was already down to $317. At this point, I needed a big win. I hit our multiplier and won.

Then I had to go back down to a $1 bet and the balance was back at $333. I kept doubling it as I lost. At $64 the total balance was $213. I finally got it back up to $351. That was pretty nerve-racking.

One hour later of doing the third strategy, the balance was up by $126. The new balance was $457. I kept doing the strategy, hoping to get all the way up to $1,000 in the balance.

After two hours, I had a total profit of $226. The balance was $557. It was a lot more profitable than the other two strategies.

Fourth strategy

The fourth strategy is about placing a super low bet, about 50 cents to $1, but with a crazy multiplier. I started off with $2 at 300 multiplier time. I set it to run automatically.

For the first 80 bids, nothing happened. Then all of a sudden, there was the first hit at up to 240-time multiplier, and I had automatic cash out at $344. That was $172 in profit. It brought the grand total to $684.

I started another round of auto bets with the 344 multiplier time and 50 cent bet. I did an additional 100 bets with no success. Then I did additional 200 bets. Out of those 200 bets that I placed, I lost 150. After the next 50 bets, my balance was $706. That means something hit. The 195th bet hit. I was only a handful away from losing all that money.

I placed another 300 bets. After two full hours, I finally hit all the 300 bets. Unfortunately, none of them hit. I lost out on all those bets. In total, the balance was $557. That means for the fourth strategy, I ended up breaking even after five hours.


Out of the four different strategies that we tested to try to win and hack the gambling website crash. Luckily, I was able to walk away with $160 of profit.

Even though certain strategies look pretty promising, I still wouldn't recommend this website. It’s like a casino; eventually, the odds are in their favor. In the long term, if you put enough bets in, the odds are with them and they're eventually going to take your money.

If you prefer to watch the review in video format, please click the video below!

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