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December 2022 Side Hustle Report – $597.19

Happy New Year everyone! It’s hard to believe that 2022 has come and gone, but here we are. It was a tough year for most of us, but I’m hoping that 2023 starts to look a little better.

In the meantime, before we get into the new year, we need to first take a look at what I made from the gig economy in the final month of 2022.

As a brief recap if you’re new here, each month, I document what I made from side hustling using various gig economy and sharing economy apps. I have mountains of data here. I’ve been tracking this income since 2019, so I have over 4 years of side hustle reports detailing all of the different ways I’ve earned extra money using these different apps.

Welcome to another edition of the Financial Tutor side hustle report. Each month, I document exactly what I was able to earn from using different gig economy and sharing economy apps. I started tracking this info over three years ago and I find it incredible how much I’ve been able to earn from these different apps over the years. Hopefully, you find this info helpful too.

In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at what I was able to earn from these apps in December 2022. Below is what I made from each app last month.

Side Hustle Income for December 2022

Total Side Hustle Income for December 2022 = $597.19

December was a solid month on the side hustle front. I ended up earning a close to $600 from all of my different gig economy apps. Not bad at all, especially considering that my earnings typically drop in the winter when the weather gets worse.

The bulk of my earnings for the month came from house hacking and Amazon On-Site Commissions.

Below is a more in-depth look at my earnings with each gig economy app.

The first half of November often tends to be slow for dogsitting and walking, but as you can imagine, it gets really busy around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I was out of town the week of Thanksgiving and wasn't able to capitalize on any of the Thanksgiving dog walks.

Amazon On-Site Commissions: $158.00

This was the first month of trying Amazon's On-Site Commissions. This different than the Amazon influencer and affiliate programs. For Amazon's On-Site Commission's program you just need to create a simple 1-2 minute video reviewing, unboxing or showing a product. You don't even happen to have bought the item from Amazon, in order to review it. I went through my apartment and found 150+ products that I can make videos on.

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest side hustles to start and has HUGE potentially to make a lot of money and best part it's pretty passive. May sound too good to be true, but this could be the best side hustle I've tried in years. I will have a lot more content and reviews to go full in depth on how to get started for yourself.

Sharegrid: (Camera Rental): $0

I have my GoPro 7 hero, GoPro Fusion, and DJI Mavic 2 drone for rent on Sharegrid website. Sharegrid is a website where people local can rent camera equipment. I unfortunately didn't have any request for this month.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I bought a three-flat in Chicago in June 2019. I lived in the building while doing the renovations and moved out in June of this year. I rent the bottom garden unit for $1,000. The top unit rents for $2,350 per month, plus $150 for the two car garage. So in total I'm collecting $3,500 per month in rents. While I still have the middle apartment that I personally moved back into and do Airbnb in sometimes, when I am on vacation or home for the holidays, which is discussed below.

My monthly mortgage payment with insurance and property taxes was $3,013.21. There were no repairs in November, which meant I earned a total of $411.79 for the month of September.

I usually do Airbnb or VRBO full time in the middle unit of my three-flat property, but recently I moved back into this apartment. I tried to list the unit for Christmas/holidays, but surprisingly I wasn't able to book it.

I did have someone want to book for NYE and I could have made $650+ of profit, but seemed like they were still in college and were using it to party in. No thanks! Not worth the headaches and risks.

I will be traveling in January, so hopefully I will have a better chance renting it out then, even though this is typically the slowest time to rent short-term in Chicago. Fingers crossed!

And that concludes the December 2022 Side Hustle Report.

December was a decent side hustle month and I think a good example of why it’s important to have different sources of gig economy income. One of my main goals for 2023, is to try 15+ new side hustles, with two of them making at least $1000+ a month. Looks like I might have one of those $1000+ a month side hustle with the Amazon On-Site Commissions.

I’m not making big finance money or anything, but I’m making enough to feel comfortable. And between the choice of making more but working those crazy finance hours, I’ll always opt to do this, where I can decide what my day looks like and write and do gig economy stuff during the day.

See what I’ve made in previous months, check out my past side hustle reports.

If you would like more ideas for different side hustles that could work great with you and your lifestyle, looking for side hustle ideas, or just curious what you could make with other side hustles, check out or side hustle reviews, and side hustle categories!

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